Rodeo Poetry

I love to write poems. They express my feelings and I have a talent for it. I’ve written a poem about rodeos.Enjoy!

The ground is unforgiving,
as his hooves
hit the ground.

The leather boots
dig deep
into the grubby flesh.

A cry of fear echoes
over the hills,
and is answered by cheers.

Shadows flicker
as he staggers
and falls.

The barren plains
hear cheering
for the relentless rider.

The thick rope
coils around
his bruised leg.

The burning sun
bakes his
frail body,

As he sees the bird
fly briskly
above him.

And he dreams
of such
a life

Free of his

Rodeos are extremely cruel. It’s banned in the UK, several European countries and the ACT. The organisers say it doesn’t affect the animal in any way. But what they feel is panic, distress, fear and pain.

It’s bad for everyone, not just the animals. Most riders get serious injuries, and some can even die. And now they’re getting children to participate too!

Watch this video and see the truth. This is recent, Australian footage. Share this with everyone you know, and make it clear rodeos are not welcomed in our modern society!

If you’re Australian you can pledge to never go to a rodeo here:

I say NO to any RODEO!


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