Animal Skins on African Drums

Recently, at school, African drummers visited us to perform. Our class had a workshop on African drums. It was a whole lot of fun, there was singing, dancing ( I won a dancing competition they set up!) and a LOT of drumming. But there was a shock coming. When we were learning about the history of the drums, they told us what they were made of. The rum kit was made of GOAT SKIN and the bongos were made of COW SKIN. I am particularly fond of goats, and was not happy. When I tried to explain to them how animal skin is not right, they couldn’t quite understand.

These drums may have been old, but I’m afraid my money went to animal slaughter, quite by accident. They were from West Africa, a place poor enough to not have synthetic material. I would love to have a campaign to make it available to these people. Does anyone know any such campaign?

Skins from animals are no fun to them. We should value them for what they are, not what they can produce. To get skins animals suffer unnecessarily. There are so many alternatives to skins.


1. Barkcloth

2. Cork

3. Recycled Ultrasuede

4. Glazed Cotton

5. Paper

6. Recycled PET Polyester

7. Degradable Polyurethane

And any other synthetic materials. These are all Eco-friendly. NOTE: The barkcloth does not kill the tree.

So, lets give the cows (and goats) a chance!





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