Veganised Breakfast!

Great news- my breakfast is now completely vegan! I used to have creamy yogurt and toasted bread with butter, now I have veganised this. On school days I don’t have much time to prepare anything big, so I now eat fruit salad and English muffins with jam(not to be confused with American Muffins…these are more like pancakes!).
On the weekends I might be have tofu scramble or marinated tofu with something else. Tempted yet?
You can find some great ideas on my forum post here. And visit Amy’s (0ne of the admins) world-renowned (to the people she’s served it too) tofu scramble recipe!
I’ll add some pictures soon!


I have a dream…

Today is the around the day,sometime, a long time ago, when Martin Luther King Jr was born. He changed the world for the better. He believed in something many people were against, and tried to change it. It just shows how much one person can do to create change. He fulfilled his dreams. And we should all try to fulfill our dreams, no matter how impossible they seem, how faraway. I have a dream that someday animal cruelty is abolished. No matter how faraway that day is for now, we can keep on trying. Keep on rallying, refusing, opening ourĀ  and other’s eyes, and become vegan. Or maybe vegetarian, first. Little steps is still progress.
Look at what Animals Australia has done in one year. This will bring a smile to your face.

And this inspirational video from Peta2:

I have a dream that, someday, animals shall be treated as equals, everyone treated the same.
What is your dream?