Somewhere in the world beaches of sand are washed over by the salty sea water, interrupted by children jumping in. Somewhere someone is enjoying fine food. Somewhere someone learns new things, wins achievements of their own. Somewhere someone is deep in a peaceful sleep, free of worry. Somewhere someone had died peacefully, living a long, fulfilling life.

We take every second of our live for granted. We are free to move around, eat, relax, play and smile. Most of us die happy deaths. Every human in the human race has a gift. But we have seen the dark side of this gift, and that dark side is greed.

Somewhere in the world there is a broiler chicken, packed with chemicals and staggering through the crowd. Somewhere there is a terrified mouse trapped in a tube, with air filling fast and voices outside. Somewhere there is a fox, being held tight and feeling the pain of live skinning.

Somewhere there is a cow with big, brown eyes. She is surrounded by fields of green. Part of her heart is missing, for her child was ripped away so soon. She never saw him again. All that milk she specially made for her son we drink. And as she looks over the green, she knows her fate is not a happy one, she remembers how other mothers left, no longer able to produce milk.  Look into her eyes. Look into every animal’s eyes. What have we done?

We see ourselves as superior over all beings. They feel pain like we do, have emotions and their own personalities. When we did discover animals had pain, we didn’t stop. We never stopped. Now is the time.

If you know someone who kills an animal, ask them if they ever look into their eyes. Does the man who slaughter the little  rabbit see the wonder in their eyes? The fear? The pig, with the smart thoughts and the fearful eyes as you draw the knive? The wise eyes of  the cow with the big brown eyes? What about the scientists, gassing the confused white mouse to it’s death? Dripping substances into the shivering rabbits’ eyes? Putting on their white gloves before experimenting on the whimpering beagle, held by restraints? How about the students about to dissect the hopeless frog? The bull who crys in confusion as the rodeo starts? The hunter about to pull the trigger at the deer, peacefully munching on some luscious grass?

They never look at their eyes. Because if they do, they know it’s wrong.  They would stop. But they wouldn’t because of profit or so called “sustainable living”.

It’s not too late to mend our ways. Because the other side of our gift is compassion, and we can abolish the greed. The Compassionate Light is shining through the Fog of Cruelty.

It doesn’t matter what religion or country you’re from. Let’s join hoofs, paws, flippers, fins, hands and unite!

My name is Veronica, and I live in a quiet suburban street. I’m going vegeterian and cutting out animal products from my life. I recommend you do too. It helps our health, the environment, the hungry and the animals! If I can, you can!

On this blog I’ll talk about animal rights, post action alerts, have weekly animal product spotlights, vegan cooking and more.

Stay tuned!

I sincerely squawk,


“An animal’s eyes have the power to speak a great language.” ~ Martin Buber


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